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Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said in March

BeitragVerfasst: Sa 19. Okt 2019, 03:20
von chenyan94
that the team planned to exercise its option on safety Karl Joseph‘s contract for 2020 Womens Bo Jackson Jersey , but the Raiders reversed course over the last couple of months and opted not to go through with it.Gruden downplayed the significance of that decision on Friday by noting that the team can still sign Joseph to a new contract before he leaves for another team.“That’s a big story for some people. But that does not mean that we don’t want Karl with us this year and in the future,” Gruden said, via Matt Kawahara of the .The Raiders signed Lamarcus Joyner as a free agent this offseason and drafted Johnathan Abram in the first round last week in a pair of moves that likely colored their decision on Joseph’s contract. That will likely color their decision on bringing Joseph back for another season as well, although he can do his part to state his case for a longer stay over the coming months. Last Friday, when the Antonio Brown helmet controversy broke loose on the NFL news cycle, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Brown threatened that he would not play football again if he couldn’t wear his helmet of choice. On Thursday night, Brown disputed that report.“I don’t know where they got that, who made that up, either,” Brown told reporters, via Michael Gehlken of the. “Why would I retire Antonio Brown Raiders Jersey , man? I’ve got a beautiful career. I’m healthy. I love to play the game. . . . I’m grateful to play the game.”It’s easy for Brown to say that now, given that he has found “a few” Schutt AiR Advantage helmets that are less than 10 years old, one of which presumably can be reconditioned and recertified for use. A week ago, before Brown realized that a loophole existed and as he faced a hearing on his grievance against the league’s helmet rules, huffing and puffing was a viable approach to dealing with the situation. From threatening to retire to advancing a goofy argument that the NFL will be liable if Brown is injured in a new helmet, Brown’s representatives were throwing the kitchen sink at the problem.Besides, it was Brown himself who said on social media last week, “[I]f I leave will the fans still gone love me man?”Things can get nasty in #scooptown, where reporters often take silent delight in a competitor’s report being refuted. But there’s no way Schefter made up the report that Brown was threatening to take his 10-year-old Schitt Air Advantage and go home. Schefter undoubtedly got the information from someone close to Brown, and the leak surely was calculated to make sure the NFL and the arbitrator understood the potential stakes of the decision as to whether he’d be allowed to keep wearing his helmet.